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Dama del Lago


Within the Rentica Estate, in a sixteenth century farm, a woman has rediscovered the extraordinary terroir of Bolsena Lake.
It is a love story with an ancient land to which she has given new life. The Farm in the Rentica Estate’s heart is an ancient sixteenth century hunting lodge, always belonged to the Cozza Caposavi counts. It is located on the hills of Bolsena Lake, surrounded by orchards, vineyards and olive groves. The Estate has been restored to its original splendor by Nathalie Maikava's passion for Italy and its wines. Nathalie comes from an ancient Russian aristocratic family. From Russia she has brought with her, her heraldic coat of arms depicting a rampant white horse on a red background, a symbol of strength and dynamism.

Nathalie's energy has allowed to recover a wine making heritage that has its origins in the Middle Ages and today the Rentica Estate produces two prestigious reds and two prestigious whites that tell the poetry of a magical and mysterious land. Four labels gathered under the Dama del Lago brand.


Our Wines


The wines aren’t all the same: there is a multiplicity of factors that can affect their features. One of them is the soil and Dama del Lago is able to make the most of the qualities of volcanic terroir to offer the consumer wines with unique organoleptic properties. Dama del Lago is one of the wineries to have chosen to produce volcanic wines, putting to good use the volcanic terroir’s potential offered by the proximity of the estate to the Bolsena Lake.

“The Wine is the poetry of the earth ” 

- Mario Soldati -

The Territory


4 hectares planted wih Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, located north of Bolsena Lake. The vineyard, is kissed by the combination of three factors that make it unique: the volcanic soil characterized by the strong presence of minerals, the water whose proximity reduces thermal excursions, the wind, the fundamental protagonist of the microclimate, has a dual function, oxygenating the lake through a wave motion that crashes on the beaches and dries the humidity.


La Dama del Lago

Via Cassia 117,3 Km - 01023 

Rentica Viterbo (VT)

Coordinate Google Maps: 42°39'41.8"N 11°56'23.3"E

We are always interested in getting to know distributors, importers, partners and enthusiasts who share our philosophy of production of excellence and enhancement of traditions and ancient volcanic vines of Bolsena Lake. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in talking to us.

La Dama del Lago - Via Cassia 117,3 Km - 01023 Rentica Viterbo -

P. IVA: IT12579391009 - Mail: info@damadellago.com