This red described by the cellar as ready to drink expresses all its complex organoleptic structure, an engaging and pleasant drink and a great territorial correspondence worthy of the best wine product made in italy. The wine like the previous one is produced by

vineyard’s bunches of the lakefront Rentica Estate, with a cordon spur pruning. The vinification taken place outside the estate is carried out completely in steel for the Sangiovese while the Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in french oak barrels of first passage for 8 months. Annual production of about 4000 bottles.


In tasting, the wine is compact ruby red very luminous, you perceive depths and undergrowth’s notes and humus on the nose, perception of leather, floral hints of fresh violet, perceptions of ferrous minerality and a red fruit such as the cherry under spirit linked to a spacing of black pepper and cinnamon. In the mouth it’s full with a present freshness and a tannin in perfect balance, with the fruit’s olfactory hints and spices that return to the palate. It has got a good persistence and the possibility of aging of at least 6 months.

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