Est! Est!! Est!!!


The name of this wine like the grapes, are the expression of the territory and the history of Montefiascone, since Martino was the servant in the well-known history of Bishop Johannes Defuk, who around 1100 as a great enological estimator, sent his servant on ahead, to select the best inns on the street, by marking the Latin word "East!", with an agreed seal.

The seal thus guaranteed the Bishop to taste the best wines in his path, but in the village of Montefiascone, Municipality in the province of Viterbo and located on the shores of the Bolsena Lake. Martino branded the wine of this village with the word "East! East!! East!!!."

That’s where the history of the DOC East comes from! East!! East!!! of Montefiascone DOC, but in the following years of Bishop Johannes Defuk's life, he took up residence in the village, remained there until his death and was buried in the church of San Flaviano, where there is a stele that reads "For Too much East! here my Lord Johannes Defuk lies dead." At his death he bequeathed his possessions, but for this reason he wanted a barrel of Muscat wine to be poured out upon the tomb, on every death anniversary.


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