The Grecheto and Chardonney’s vineyards that produce the wine are positioned on the slopes of the hills surrounding the Bolsena lake at 300 meters above sea level in the south, with a sandier and more tufaceous soil than the north. The vinification of the grapes is carried out separately for grape variety, with cryomaceration for 4 hours at Chardonney in contact with the skins. They are then processed for 30 days in steel vats at low- temperature and 6 months agings on fine less. Annual production of about 1000 bottles.


In tasting, the wine is straw yellow, you can perceive provençal scents of field lavender on the nose, white musk, tropical fruit and a floral freshness like orange blossom. In the mouth it has a great balance between a citrus freshness of silts and a savory minerality with a medium persistence.

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